White Dome & Caribbean Sea (Cancun, Mexico)

White Dome & Caribbean Sea

This shot isolates a bright white dome and spire against a backdrop of the Caribbean Sea in Cancun, Mexico.  This is part of a Riu resort complex we stayed at, visible from an elevated sundeck area. The resort’s pool and beach areas just below this view were buzzing with activity, but you’d never know it … Read more…

Gifts of the Ancient Mayans (Mexico)

Gifts of the Maya - Riviera Maya, Mexico

This image depicts an ancient Mayan presenting a gift of corn.  This may be Yumil Kaxob, the Mayan maize (or mais) god.  I shot this one at a resort’s jungle garden in the Riviera Maya region, Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico.  The original had fairly muted colors in it, so I converted here to black and white.

Cancun Cat on Red Wall

Cat on Red Wall (Cancun, Mexico)

We spotted this cat hanging out on a tall faded red backyard wall as we explored a residential area near downtown Cancun, Mexico.  He stuck around long enough for me to get a few shots from several feet away with a telephoto zoom lens.