Smartphone Images from the 2021 Ann Arbor Art Fair

The images below are from my new Samsung Galaxy S21 smartphone. I wanted to test the phone’s built-in editing ability and features for turning photos into painterly style images. For the first image here, I used an external app that offers different photo painting features. I tried the Pointillism style and then tweaked it from … Read more…

Posting via the Android WordPress App

This post comes via my Android smartphone and its mobile WordPress app.  Screenshot included below. I definitely like the ability to easily post mobile photos and other quick updates via this app, and the stats function is cool too. Posted from WordPress for Android

Testing mobile posting and admin

Blog Keyboard Icon

I’m away from my laptop for awhile, but I do have my Android smartphone and a WiFi connection, so I’m testing access to my photography blog from the mobile WordPress app. So far so good!  Looks like image and text posting functions are working as expected. Posted from WordPress for Android