Focaccia al Pomodoro Fresco (Cinque Terre, Italy)

Focaccia Pizza with Tomatoes - Cinque Terre, Italy

This is a shot from a small Cinque Terre market featuring a variety of carry-out items like this thick focaccia pizza with fresh tomato slices and oregano.  This makes for a quick and tasty lunch on the go — especially good when you don’t want to spend much time or money on a sit-down meal.

My Favorite Travel Calendar – 2013 Edition

Travel Calendar 2013

This past Monday night I put up on my office wall the 2013 edition of my favorite travel calendar: ‘1,000 Places To See Before You Die’ by Patricia Schultz. It’s a really good calendar, even for the casual ‘armchair’ traveler. Lots of good travel photos, descriptions, and summary itineraries focused on one destination per month. … Read more…

Posting via the Android WordPress App

This post comes via my Android smartphone and its mobile WordPress app.  Screenshot included below. I definitely like the ability to easily post mobile photos and other quick updates via this app, and the stats function is cool too. Posted from WordPress for Android

Testing mobile posting and admin

Blog Keyboard Icon

I’m away from my laptop for awhile, but I do have my Android smartphone and a WiFi connection, so I’m testing access to my photography blog from the mobile WordPress app. So far so good!  Looks like image and text posting functions are working as expected. Posted from WordPress for Android

The ‘photoworks’ vs. ‘photography’ thing

So why not just ‘David Kamm Photography’ and ‘’?  Why this ‘Photoworks’ stuff? The answer is that another David Kamm, who is actually a pro photographer, has long been active commercially as David Kamm Photography and  He’s done a wide variety of good work, as you can see on his site. So out of … Read more…

So what’s next?

I’m glad to have this blog/site up and running, with full public visibility now.  I debated waiting until I had it much more fleshed out; with several photo galleries in place, everything looking just right, etc.  That’s more my usual style. But last night I decided to just launch it, and make the ongoing design … Read more…