Cinque Terre Coastline on a Dark and Cloudy Day (Italy)

Here’s a photo taken as we walked along the shoreline of the Cinque Terre village of Monterosso al Mare on a very cloudy, dark, and windy day.  The colors on shore were very muted under this gray sky, so I decided to desaturate them completely in Lightroom 3, leaving only the Italian flag/pole and sea in color.

At lower left you can see pedestrians with umbrellas walking along the path that heads inland a bit and eventually leads to Vernazza, the next village over.  If I recall correctly, that trail has some steep up/down segments that would not be much fun on a wet day.

At least three of the other Cinque Terre villages are partly visible in the background, though they are pretty socked in by the low clouds here.

Cinque Terre Coastline on a Dark and Cloudy Day - Italy
A cloudy, dark, and windy day along the Cinque Terre coastline of northwest Italy.  This view is from the southern edge of Monterosso al Mare. © David A. Kamm


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