Lake Michigan Sand Dune ‘Blowout’ (Southwest Michigan)

This shot came from a late October walk along the shore of Lake Michigan near South Haven in the southwest part of Michigan.  It was a really windy and brisk day, mostly sunny with lots of nice white clouds moving quickly by.  The edge of Lake Michigan was about 20-30 feet behind me as I took this shot, so this is just off the beach.

Lake Michigan Sand Dune Blowout - Southwest Michigan
A black and white image of a Lake Michigan sand dune ‘blowout’ near South Haven, Michigan   © David A. Kamm


The full color version of this photo is fine, but due to the blue sky and white clouds I thought I could get a nice black and white image out of it.

I used Lightroom 3 and Nik Silver Efex Pro 2 for the processing here.  Optimized the color image in LR3 first, moved to SEP2 for the B&W conversion, then back to LR3 for final tweaks and a slight copperish toning in the shadows, which has a subtle warming effect.  I used a yellow/orange filter in SEP2 to get the darkest part of the blue sky very close to black, and also boosted the overall contrast/structure a bit.


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