Progress so far…


So… here we stand at about Day 2 or 3 of this site/blog.


Progress to date

  • Brand new WordPress installation complete (version 3.3.2 at the time of startup)
  • Selection of free photo-friendly themes installed.  Decided to run initially with MYgRID2 1.3 by Dannci
  • Site launched and made visible to search engines
  • Added an ‘About Me’ page
  • Published a few intro posts


The Lightroom-to-Blog Connection

Since I also use Lightroom 3 for photo management and (most) editing work, I also wanted to find a plugin that would export images from LR directly to a self-hosted WordPress database.  Fortunately I found two good options:  LR/Blog and Dossier de Presse.  I’ve installed both into LR, but have so far just exported with the Dossier de Presse option.  It’s working great so far.


Next up

  • Adding a Google Analytics profile for this site and initiating tracking there.  Same for Google Webmaster Tools.
  • Testing a couple more photo-friendly themes, since I’m not sure I want to stick with MYgRID2.  It’s pretty good, but I’m not wild about the way it presents a text-only post on the home page.  (I’ve made my first post ‘sticky’ as a result for now… to keep an image on the home page.)
  • Cleaning up the various social sharing widgets and icons that are currently running a bit amok here.
  • Adding a test photo+text post from my Android smartphone with mobile WordPress app.  Looks like a solid app, so this will be a fun option to have.

And oh yes… adding some actual travel photo posts and galleries, which is my reason for creating this site in the first place!

‘Patience, grasshopper…’


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