‘Sacrifice II’


In my first post on the cemetery flags shot, it’s worth noting that the scene there is exactly as shot — with flags flying to the left.  There was a strong wind coming from the right, and the sun high and in front of me provided really cool backlighting for the colors in the flags.

But… most people prefer to see their flags flying from left to right, since that’s the way flags are usually depicted.  So here’s a simple quick left-right reversal of that image.  I also reduced the vignette effect somewhat in this version.

Image: Memorial Day Cemetery Flags
Memorial Day 2012 at a cemetery near Holland, Michigan (click for larger version)

I prefer this image to the first one, even though it’s not ‘true’ to the actual scene.  And had I actually walked around to photograph from the other side, I would have lost the backlighting effect with the flags.



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