‘Sacrifice I’


Before Memorial Day 2012 gets too far behind me, here’s a shot I took at a cemetery just outside Holland, Michigan, last Monday.  We were driving past it and were awestruck by the hundreds and hundreds of American flags flying throughout the grounds here.  So we decided to stop for a half hour and get some photos.

Image: Memorial Day Cemetery Flags
Memorial Day 2012 at a cemetery near Holland, Michigan



Lots of flags in the ground next to US veteran gravesites.  Others flying on poles high above ground (see background of image).  I don’t think I’ve ever seen this many US flags in one setting before.

Looks like Holland, Michigan has certainly contributed its fair share to our military efforts over the decades, and they definitely know how to show their respect when Memorial Day comes around.

Straightforward color processing in Lightroom, with some dark vignetting added.

It looks pretty good with some other Lightroom presets applied too.  But for starters I just wanted to show the straight color shot here.


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