Statue of an Ancient Mayan Warrior (Riviera Maya, Mexico)

This photo shows a statue of an ancient Mayan warrior in a jungle setting in the Riviera Maya region of Mexico’s Yucatan peninsula. I liked the strong angled pose of this one, as well as the interesting fancy headdress.  I call him a warrior here, but I suppose he could instead be a tribal chief or priest figure.

The colors in the figure were pretty muted, so I went with a black and white conversion to focus more on the texture and contrast in the image.

Statue of a Mayan Warrior - Riviera Maya, Mexico
Statue of an ancient Mayan warrior in a jungle setting in Mexico’s Riviera Maya region. © David A. Kamm


10 thoughts on “Statue of an Ancient Mayan Warrior (Riviera Maya, Mexico)”

    • Hello Israel! Thanks for stopping by. I unfortunately don’t have a much wider shot of this figure, showing him fully with more of the surroundings. I had a fixed 35mm lens on at the time and was more focused on the close-up portraits. He is seated on the ground here, and I cropped just a little from the top and bottom in this shot. So there’s not much missing here from my original photo.

  1. Maybe it’s too esoteric to put here, but real nobles and priests ARE warriors… constantly fighting the forces of darkness on different dimensions

  2. Hi David

    I’ve have been to the region quite a few times in my quest to know more about the Mayan culture, were exactly is this beautiful piece situated ?

    • Hi Bruce! Thanks for stopping by and asking about this piece.
      It’s actually located on a resort property in the Riviera Maya region. Possibly at a Riu or Iberostar resort… I don’t remember the exact spot.
      They had a few small statues like this one in a dark jungle setting, all of which made for some good photographic subject matter!

  3. He’s most likely a statue of a royal man possibly a priest or another nobleman but not a warrior. His flattened forehead gracefully contours his headdress along with his typical Native American sitting position.


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