Statue of an Ancient Mayan Warrior (Riviera Maya, Mexico)

This photo shows a statue of an ancient Mayan warrior in a jungle setting in the Riviera Maya region of Mexico’s Yucatan peninsula. I liked the strong angled pose of this one, as well as the interesting fancy headdress.  I call him a warrior here, but I suppose he could instead be a tribal chief or priest figure.

The colors in the figure were pretty muted, so I went with a black and white conversion to focus more on the texture and contrast in the image.

Statue of a Mayan Warrior - Riviera Maya, Mexico
Statue of an ancient Mayan warrior in a jungle setting in Mexico’s Riviera Maya region. © David A. Kamm


4 thoughts on “Statue of an Ancient Mayan Warrior (Riviera Maya, Mexico)”

  1. Hi David

    I’ve have been to the region quite a few times in my quest to know more about the Mayan culture, were exactly is this beautiful piece situated ?

    • Hi Bruce! Thanks for stopping by and asking about this piece.
      It’s actually located on a resort property in the Riviera Maya region. Possibly at a Riu or Iberostar resort… I don’t remember the exact spot.
      They had a few small statues like this one in a dark jungle setting, all of which made for some good photographic subject matter!

  2. He’s most likely a statue of a royal man possibly a priest or another nobleman but not a warrior. His flattened forehead gracefully contours his headdress along with his typical Native American sitting position.

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