Travel Photography SEO Project

SEO Case Study on This Website

If you’re interested in travel photography and also happen to be involved in websites or digital marketing, you may be interested in my latest project that combines these two worlds.

It’s a live ‘SEO Case Study’ on this website… David Kamm Photoworks.

seo case study promo with cable car overlook above dubrovnik croatia
Learn about search engine optimization via this live SEO case study on my travel photography website.

Click image to learn more. (Photo: Overlook of Dubrovnik, Croatia. © David A Kamm)

This is a great opportunity to learn much more about using search optimization tools and processes to build online visibility and traffic for any small website.

In this case, one with a travel photography focus. But the SEO tactics, techniques, and tools used here are broadly applicable to virtually all websites.

To learn more and follow along, please visit my case study introduction here, on my digital marketing consulting site.

Hope to see you there!

Regards… David

PS We’re going to explore and learn about some interesting travel destinations during this case study, too. Another good reason to consider following along!


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