Tulum, Mexico – El Castillo in Black & White

Two B&W Photos of ‘El Castillo’ (The Castle) in Tulum, Mexico

First a wide view of Tulum’s El Castillo structure from off the right front corner.  It’s the largest and most impressive structure within the Tulum complex and was the center of many ceremonies and human sacrifices back in the days of Mayan rule in the region.

Mayan Ruin 'El Castillo' in Tulum, Mexico
A wide view of Tulum structure ‘El Castillo’ in black and white.  © David A. Kamm


Here’s a close-up of the upper portion from the same angle.  See if you can spot the two iguanas here as well.

Closer View of El Castillo in Tulum, Mexico
Here’s a closer view of the upper section of El Castillo.  © David A. Kamm


I used a ‘faux infrared’ treatment for both of these images, which lightens the greens and yellows and darkens any blues, such as the sky in this case.  I also toned the darker areas with a faint sepia look, which warms the image a wee bit.  I’ve used that toning approach quite a bit for my B&W images lately and I usually prefer it to the cooler base version… at least for landscape-ish scenes.


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