My Photo Gear

I shoot most of my ‘serious’ work with Pentax DSLR cameras, currently the K-1 ‘full-frame’ 36 megapixel and K-5 or K-50 (both 16 MP) as backup. I use a variety of zoom and prime (fixed focal length) lenses from Pentax and other lens makers, including the sweet and compact Pentax ‘Limited’ primes. I also have a Pentax K-01 hybrid mirrorless camera. Some of my older shots are from the Pentax K-x and K-10D, which was my very first DSLR.

I guess this qualifies me as a true ‘Pentaxian’… somewhat of a rare bird in the universe of DSLR shooters, but a loyal bunch overall!

I use my Samsung Galaxy S6 as a mobile point-and-shoot option, including some video captures from time to time.  It takes very good photos for a smartphone, and I will sometimes post these here as well.

My older camera gear consists of Pentax film SLR bodies (*ist, ZX-5n, and a 1985 Program Plus… my very first SLR), used with Pentax, Tamron, Sigma, and Zenitar lenses.  I rarely use these older film bodies today, but still keep them around in case I want to shoot some film.  I also have a Nikon Coolscan V ED for 35mm slide and negative scanning, and various software tools for digital image editing, including Photoshop CC and Lightroom CC, plus a few useful add-ons from Google (the Nik Collection), Topaz, and ON1.

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