Cloudy Day along the Cinque Terre Coastline

Cloudy Cinque Terre Coastline

Here’s a shot I took from high above the coastline in the Cinque Terre region of northwestern Italy.  This is from just outside Riomaggiore, looking up the coast toward the other villages of the Cinque Terre.   From lower right to upper left, this is: 1.  The Via dell’Amore, a flat winding foot trail that … Read more…

Underneath the Mackinac Bridge

Below the Mackinac Bridge in northern Michigan

This is a view from the northern shore of Michigan’s lower peninsula, looking north directly underneath the Mackinac Bridge. This image is my first HDR with Nik Software’s HDR Efex Pro 2, and includes some post-HDR adjustments in Lightroom 4.

Dark Clouds over Lake Michigan

Dark Clouds over Lake Michigan

My wife and I were exploring the beach at Saugatuck Dunes State Park when we saw this cool group of dark clouds advancing over Lake Michigan. She shot this one using my backup DSLR and a wide-angle zoom lens, and I edited it in Lightroom 4.  

Testing mobile posting and admin

Blog Keyboard Icon

I’m away from my laptop for awhile, but I do have my Android smartphone and a WiFi connection, so I’m testing access to my photography blog from the mobile WordPress app. So far so good!  Looks like image and text posting functions are working as expected. Posted from WordPress for Android

‘Sacrifice II’

Image: Memorial Day Cemetery Flags

[break] In my first post on the cemetery flags shot, it’s worth noting that the scene there is exactly as shot — with flags flying to the left.  There was a strong wind coming from the right, and the sun high and in front of me provided really cool backlighting for the colors in the … Read more…

‘Sacrifice I’

Image: Memorial Day Cemetery Flags

[break] Before Memorial Day 2012 gets too far behind me, here’s a shot I took at a cemetery just outside Holland, Michigan, last Monday.  We were driving past it and were awestruck by the hundreds and hundreds of American flags flying throughout the grounds here.  So we decided to stop for a half hour and … Read more…

Progress so far…

[break] So… here we stand at about Day 2 or 3 of this site/blog. [break] Progress to date Brand new WordPress installation complete (version 3.3.2 at the time of startup) Selection of free photo-friendly themes installed.  Decided to run initially with MYgRID2 1.3 by Dannci Lots of WordPress plugins installed and (mostly) activated, based on ones I’m … Read more…

The ‘photoworks’ vs. ‘photography’ thing

So why not just ‘David Kamm Photography’ and ‘’?  Why this ‘Photoworks’ stuff? The answer is that another David Kamm, who is actually a pro photographer, has long been active commercially as David Kamm Photography and  He’s done a wide variety of good work, as you can see on his site. So out of … Read more…

So what’s next?

I’m glad to have this blog/site up and running, with full public visibility now.  I debated waiting until I had it much more fleshed out; with several photo galleries in place, everything looking just right, etc.  That’s more my usual style. But last night I decided to just launch it, and make the ongoing design … Read more…